YALE University Art Gallery

Matthew Barney: Redoubt Some of our clients are working in the field of culture. Some are artists, some are makers and some are the invisible makers behind the art you see. Ask yourself who made Matthew Barney’s sculpture that is now (March 2019) on view in the YALE University Gallery? It’s made of cast metal …

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Matthew Barney: Redoubt Film Screenshot

Why have your company on YELP?

Coaching & Mentoring. As I have said before, coaching clients means actionable strategies, one of them, is that early on in the process of building a profitable online business, is to set up a YELP account. Coaching’s aim is to get you up to speed with knowledge and tools so that you can derive an …

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Yelp works to help get clients

Coaching & Mentoring Explained.

Hello (say your name), I’m glad your existing developer came through for you, $700 is a very reasonable price to have paid for your website, copywriting or strategy. So, here’s my thinking, but, firstly let me explain. I’m (Michael Glock & Bloom Factor Inc.) not just a builder of websites, I’m into Coaching & Mentoring. What …

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Way Ahead: Medicine Stories Paperback – February 27, 2018 by Michael Glock Ph.D. (Author)

We’re Experience Engineers.

Bloom Factor designs experiences with pencils, erasers and digital tools to design campaigns. Services include platforms for entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially for therapists, consultants and established and emerging authors. The company designs and implements social media marketing campaigns as well and providing publishing services and appointment and payments solutions. Specific services for authors are …

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We're experience engineers.