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Bloom Factor Inc., is a California USA., holding company for three interrelated projects. Business futuristics (CulturalFuturistics.com) – the application of future scenarios that inform strategic policy, cultural directions and business products and services. Secondly, (MyDestinyOS.com) – is an individualized futuristics methodology for personal forecasting and transformation. The system comprises of a book, workbook and Journal, website, and online learning environment that allows a person to alter their trajectory and fate.

The third component is Bloom Factor Press, (BloomFactorPress.com), a consulting division that supports established and emerging authors, authorities, entrepreneurs and influencers with design, publishing, production and social media marketing services as well as publishing and marketing projects for clients worldwide.

Is Not Knowing Sabotaging the Future?

Carl Jung believed that “modernity” emerged at the expense of a more soulful, reflective, poetic way of being. He feared that a reliance on machines and technology might ultimately propel civilization toward collapse!

Our scenario system uses forecasting methodologies designed to mitigate these severe consequences. Our skills support policy makers, NGO's and personal development using the DestinyOS system.

The project is focused on future forecasting using a psychological view, while supporting the psychological dimensions to be included in decision making – Cultural Psychology!

Futuristics 88%
Methodologies 78%
Forecasting 93%
Publishing 82%


Michael Glock Ph.D.

Michael Glock Ph.D.

Futurist, analyst, scenario designer, author, director, creative director and cultural psychologist.


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A most excellent trip! Greatly appreciate the conversations and suggested directions.

"A lot of fun! That's what I love about traveling, meeting new people and story-telling! :)"

"And interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with Michael during the entire consultation."

Scenarios Construct the Future!

Questions need stories, stories lead to insights and insights need to be harnessed into actions.

Once actions are identified it is far easier to create missions and chart new courses

Is your interest piqued? What are stories? How do scenarios work to forecast the future?