Inside The Relationship Industry!

In 2016, Bloom Factor Press

Designed, produced, published Rochelle L. Cook's life story and journey as a coach, healer and story centered therapist.

No You Don't Need To Work Long Hours To HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

The Soul's Coach is about harnessing the wisdom and knowledge about relationships from the inside, from your inner child perspective while in therapy.

The book "The Soul's Coach – 7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship" has garnered rave reviews by Lisa Ling, American journalist, television presenter and author, currently the host of 'This is Life with Lisa Ling" on CNN. As well as Susan Forward, Ph.D., LCSW, author of "Toxic Parents and Mothers Who Can't Love.

Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy, said “There is a lot of wisdom and solid material in this book for anyone struggling with a painful relationship.” Whether you think you have a good relationship or not, or are looking for one, this book will give you very practical yet powerful tools to help you. I highly recommend Rochelle’s important work.”

The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to Healing your Relationship will help the reader uncover his/or her belief systems formed in early life and how they affect their relationships to this day.

The 7 paths are specific gates that lead us into the heart of the problem.  The 7 paths are the following:  Denial: we live our lives oblivious to the reality of our situation.  Settling:we feel unworthy or undeserving so we take what we can get.  Playing Out: the unhealthy behaviors we unconsciously exhibit offer hints as to what in us needs to be healed.  Acceptance: we recognize that we need to change, and understand our trauma as a stage on the journey of transformation.  Intention: we begin to act from a conscious, sensible mind; we “set our sails” toward the life of our dreams.  Spirituality:we live in the awareness that our thoughts, words and actions matter; we matter; love & peace are possible.  The New Story: to write our new story, first we have to identify and heal the old one.

The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to Healing Relationship shows the reader how one’s reality is a reflection of one’s own perceptions.  Whatever is going on “out there” is a mirror that holds the key to one’s healing.  By going through the 7 paths to healing relationships the reader will realize that our lives are the outcome of our thoughts and that changing our thinking will change our lives.

The System

7-paths-system-3d-1200In addition to the book Bloom Factor Press designed and produced The Workbook and Guiding Journal that may be used in conjunction with reading the book. (All are available on Amazon.) Adding these components created a system whereby people can work their process and gain deep insight into their life's journey. 

Several months after the book was launched (June 2016), Bloom Factor Press also designed and developed a membership site to help readers engage in a community, access free meditations and track Ms. Cook's book signings, weekend retreats and workshop events.