Marketing Meditations for Test Anxiety


If you wanted to sell meditations to the 70 million test takers in America what headlines would you have on your landing page?

We used Hubspot's headline generator, one of our favorites, (see our list here), to create high converting headline choices to help marketing our clients products.

We entered three nouns: anxiety, test taking and high stress. Here are the five headlines the generater recommended.

  1. The Long History Of Anxiety
  2. What Will Test Taking Be Like In 100 Years?
  3. 20 Myths About High Stress
  4. Why We Love Anxiety (And You Should, Too!)
  5. The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Test Taking

Nifty right? Modify them, make them work for your landing page, blog story or vlog, add them to the script when you shoot a video. Use them to stimulate you creatively. Here's what they look like on a client's website page.