Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Solutions

Step 1 is to Relax. Download the Relaxation meditation to start.

It’s only $5.00, files are encrypted and available to you to download for 24 hours only.

Payment is made via Stripe instant access to the download after payment.

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Session #1 – Reduce Your Anxiety, Fear, and Stress

  • Stop the fear and relax.
  • See yourself as the success that you truly are!
  • Retain what you study! 

We work on reducing anxiety before and during tests. The more relaxed and confident you are, the easier and successful the memory recall process will be.

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Session – #2 Stop it!

  • By using pattern interruption we “Stop” the negative fearful thinking that is hindering you from achieving your goals. 

     Session #3 – Increase Memory Recall

  • In the test taking performance program, we focus on increasing memory recall and becoming lazar focused. What you study you will retain, using our protocols! “Your mind is a sponge with a filing cabinet that must be filled with the right information.”

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        Session #4 – Climb The Mountain of Success

  • See yourself achieving all that you know you can be.
  • YOU DID IT! Knowing you prepared to tackle anxiety.
  • Now you now have relaxation tools you can use.
  • Now you know how to relax; you are in control.
  • Now you can end the negative cycles of fear.
  • Now you can replace negative self talk with positive reinforcement mantras.
  • Now you are appreciative and understand that some anxiety is good.
  • Now understand that test anxiety was a “negative habit” that formed over years.

During the hypnotic process, we build anchors into each session. A typical anchor is a thought, such as: “I can do it,” or “I am at peace” these can now be accessed at any time while preparing and taking tests.

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