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A Testimony: Elana Golden’s Positive Experiences with Bloom Factor

Dear USM colleagues and friends, here is my testimony:
I am writing to recommend an amazing web designer — Michael Glock, USM graduate.  Michael’s creativity, imagination, expertise, accountability, and lovely personality makes working with him a great experience, resulting in awesome websites.  The first link is to his work; the ones below for websites and a landing page he made for me. 
Landing page for my screenwriting coaching business:  https://www.thinkgrowdo.com/screenwriting-coach/
Website for my school for creative writing:  http://www.thewritingstudio.biz/
Website for stories written in my creative writing classes in Gaza, Palestine, and photography: https://gazanarratives.com/
Website for a film I was making in Gaza, Palestine: https://labsector8.com/gazaairport/
I highly recommend, Michael.
Love and blessings,
Elana Golden 
Screenwriter, filmmaker, midwife of stories… 
… for the sake of peacemaking and beauty 
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